As Far As These Eyes Can See …

The unique Bali cultures, preserving sacred tradition the native Balinese cultural heritage.

This foot continue to run, run…and run with nothing direction on it. in the dark, black owl crawl on the wall and shouting….!! No ones open the door, horror…, almost frustrating the head…where….? how…? stuffed by own soul….!! Small hole on the edge bring little shine for the eyes….and finally arrived…!! Where …? in the heaven of the land – Bali Island, thousand temples island…..


‘Lukat Geni ‘ sacred fire bathing as unique tradition of native Balinese in Puri Satria Kawan, Pakraman Sampalan village, Paksebali village, Dawan district, Klungkung, Bali Island.


Keep working hard, passing amazing challenges and move on as the real native Balinese fashion in modern century, from Klungkung, Bali Island.


“Le paresseux monter le drôle ….
attraper toute par sa peur dir …. jamais toucher de livre, travailler bien jamais et le plus important …. jamais faire le justement … just menteur. … !!
Sortir, courir pour rien … finallement aller à gouse ou bien à droite ….. et arriver à toute terminer jamais manger … !!

Ils sont dit oui ou pas….toute temps. Quand il tombs, decraser l’autre par toi qui faite….!! C’est domage…… ” …..”Est-ce vous avez cru quand le menteur qui parles … ??? Comment betes cette vie …???” Car quoi ? D’argent condoléance de menteur…??

“Improving life quality on education, economy by working hard in day by days. This is the way of the native Balinese in Klungkung, Bali island. Modern knowledge going through the native Balinese head by learning.


Bad habit and humanity levels from outsider should not be used for measuring the quality life native Balinese movement ….?? Will you ….?? Which quality of yours ….??” Unity? covering up the evil … ??


Hopefully traditional native Balinese custom & tradition as part of the own Bali cultural, able to provide peace for the Bali culture lover.










Thank you,

Luh wahyuni




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