Behind the Balinese Geopark in Kintamani

This hand too heavy, starting the day. Yesterday I had to be strong for news that I never thought before.

These tears run endlessly and must accept the reality of this life story. Like quick violent storm, crunchy roof fell and broken away. I could not have screamed … !! A cup of sweet Bali coffee in front of me, greatly entertaining forgotten vacuum. Ohh …. “I am Balinese …!” Wiped my eyes, and stepped into the path which just opened …


The roar of the wind accompanies the heart. Forget all the sharpness of the word, which is very painful to the conscience. A genuine smile appeared through the green leaves. Ohh … how wonderful. The mountain fog adds to the charm of Kintamani village, Bali. I can not afford to leave you ……




Thank you,

Luh wahyuni


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Salam Sukses,

Luh wahyuni




Extreme Combat Sport by Wayan Krisna Lane

Hi Dear,

Welcoming you all to continue the island explore on the Bali Nature Adventures….More extreme then ever, refresh the soul to reach the peak health cure.

Hurry up….do not wait until tomorrow …. !!!

Invite you all to join with The Bali Tourism Volunteer ” Wayan Krisna Lane “ in Extreme Combat Sport, Only in Kuta, Bali Island.

” Bonjour du monde……..!!! Au milieu de la compétition. la spéculation commerciale sur l’île de Bali sur la base des défenses nationales des entreprises. Wayan Krisna Lane fournit du rock live pour moi, après avoir voyagé pour améliorer la qualité de la vie. Merci, ouvrant la porte à ma vie. Je suis une personne balinaise, je peux travailler et travailler au l’île de Bali bien-aimée “.

Extreme Combat Sports

Extreme Combat Sports was established in Kuta, Bali in 1996 and has been organizing war games for over two decades.  Extreme Combat Sports specialize in the production and customization of Air soft equipment bringing you the best this world has to offer.

  • Please contact to :
  • Wayan Krisna Lane
  • Poppies Lane 1/24, Kuta, Bali
  • M. (+62) 81 239 333 13
  • E.



Thank you,

Luh wahyuni

Good morning from Tjs Bali – Kuta, Bali by Wayan Krisna Lane

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