Educative Balinese Fashions …..

Through the way by human quality and up grade the Bali human civilization.



Picking fresh red strawberry in Bedugul village, Tabanan, Bali



Exotic dish from Bali Natural Cookeries. The Art of Cuisine take delicate natural seasoning from natural garden accomplishment by the real health Bali pork. The Bali cooking expert use their heritage of cooking art and make special presentation of the seasons.

Bali Natural Pork Sausages, crispy pork crackers, etc can be found in all part of Bali Island and special of ‘ Nunu Urutan ‘ origin Tabanan regency. Welcome to Bali and continue to enjoy the Bali dishes from special Bali cuisine.



Thank you,

Luh wahyuni


Hi, How Are you……?? From Kuta, Bali Island

Bright As The Sun Japanese Version – HIROAKI KATO  (Asian Games 2018 Official Song)




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