The Native Balinese Sense

The taste, the fashion, imagination observe, move on technology innovation in between the native Balinese cultural, pouring into modern scene accomplish with the original Bali story, Balinese artist skilled.

All are presenting in gorgeous Balinese movie   “Nyungsang “. Stay turn and enjoy the stories ……

” Nyungsang ” is the Bali film is based on a true story, it has a philosophy value related to the science of ‘ Pengiwa’ (immunity).

The Balinese in independent initiative on cultural preserving. By this movie, Bali artis would like ‘ Ngayah ‘ to maintain the tradition and culture of Bali itself.


The meaning of ‘Nyungsang’ ….
“Nyungsang”  it is an understanding with the state of thought and science upside down. It science or teaching but by those who get abused so it becomes a nip – ‘ Nyungsang’.

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Du trafic après un superbe voyage…..

A little flesh of ‘Boreh’ made by nature spices. Continue scrubbing this own forehead … !! Why … ?? traditional remedy arrived to me. after along way distance, keep the dark story which is fully heavy and failures …. the sickness embed happiness for continue imagination ….. !! Stuck …. !!

Strong hand press both of these eyes strongly, nature hot deliver and through the skin promptly. Longer  this hand press it, meet the peak of hot and finally all magic hot going out from the head, cry-out by two glossy ears.

Mystical life mode starting to grab sanctity ….

Step passing by step, walk around. Plain little hand always try to change, try to move in the weakness. Materialistic as the fashions, nyungsang by ‘Tri wangsa’ – caste system as central turbulence for the knowledge explore….!! Never feel, never through the way in quality life with knowledge….!! Leave it…goodbye liar, goodbye wild ….

In modern words shortly …” Hi, money…?? Caste…?? Economy level….?? Shut-up …..!! Should follow the rich, the turbulence king, liar …..


Cry-out all day, ” Hidup..?? suami tanggung jawab…! si istri pules dogen gaene…!!! ” keturunan cap buaye…..!! Buggg….nyungsang tri wangsa…..bleeerrr…!!

Difficulty to move, to talk in the right human civilize hitted….!! Bruck…!!! Big eyes, slanders, mixed up in the true wild which is not treated yet ….


Keep open the eyes, smile by always call the GOD as terrific guns ’till the end… “Tant pis, c’est le plus meilleur avec bon résultat….!!” Decide it and move ….

“Gue uber loe sampe ke liang kubur loe!” vengeful resentment divorces … !! Hot bed in a lowly corner, blindfolded, exhaling. Creeping away Bali’s natural sanctity.

Hungry stomach filled with food from spoon by spoon, “Ehhh …. !!” surprised, when a spoon of rice is worn by women from the dark world side. Nobody understood, why wear a spoon for  different mouth …. !! Family…?? Crazy….?? All that are shits…… !!!

The silent breath changes color, waking up in the day after….. There is an occult voice that always haunts ‘suggest-suggestion…sugesti !’, changes the habit as if entering human spirits and encourage the desire to pursue men, satisfy the heart, preen and just miss the fake warmth …… !!!

God’s infinite justice …!!

In the middle of night, the actress gathered in the party of the dark life of ladies, sex …. fighting for catching the partner, no clothes …. !!! What kind of lady world is this ?? This is not the native Bali fashion, these criminals are creeping in the life of Bali sanctity. Nyungsang ‘ persatuan bangsa ‘ – nation unity….??? Tricky …??? The native Bali quality decrease…???

Run away, stay away ….. and promise never to come to the liar of sparkling life, full of falsehood, porn, lust bastard, earn easy money without working hard, just sell herself, fun to be a rented  lady to cure loneliness …. !! Go away …..

Just closing up people life attempt, faire du prostitution pour faire cette vie comme joyeux sur de l’amour sauvage….

Leave it in revenges. Delivery into big fires crack on the earth…, des crocodiles garder en fâché et tuer toutes comme ils aiment…..





Thank you,

Luh wahyuni






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