‘ Tenganan Village ‘ The Return of 80’s Palace


Green sea turtle creeping over the sands, keep walking slowly hit by white froth waves of Candidasa beach. Swimming and keep flapping his feet and hands across the beautiful beaches in eastern part of  Bali island.  http://ho.lazada.co.id/SHa8PQ

Sunlight drowned, rustic sunset melody of the eyes, the endless grace of the God as the beauty nature creator. Traditional canoe on shaking the calm of beach water from traditional fishing boats. Bali culture atmosphere in traditional fishing village of Candidasa village, rural village corner bring  unforgettable memories with.    http://ho.lazada.co.id/SHa8P0

Crysolite – Cempaka flowers offer natural scent, enveloping an ancient village with traditional Balinese customs. The village’s tradition of  ‘Bali Aga’ or the original Balinese awakened sustainable reconcile the immortal soul in the traditional village of Tenganan village, Karangasem Regency, Eastern of Bali island – Thousand temples island.

The day has changed, morning and evening times linked. Dream unravels endless time, who will be able to remember it only … ??



“ Mega Mendung Batik “ share its beauty charming of Java island, precisely West Java. Beautiful gown envelope pretty face with the soft touch of Indonesian Batik.      http://ho.lazada.co.id/SHa8Pf


The beauty of nature in “ Karimunjava islands “  in the Java Sea  makes the world always dreamed of being amid of it. The Carving artistic of  “ Jepara” from East Java … ?? The jewel of the Javanese hands is unmatched. All become one in wonderful of Indonesia.

High quality … ?? Why …?? The Tenganan village creates  ‘ Traditional Gringsing woven cloth ‘ double woven cloth with high quality value..  http://ho.lazada.co.id/SHa8Pn


Cepuk woven cloth from Tanglad village, Nusa Penida as beauty traditional woven cloth which is created with color material taken from naturals color. Bali traditional weaving innovation continues to grow with the discovery of  “Endek Alam”  in Tegak villages, Klungkung, Bali. Leaves, stems and flowers become the inspiration of nature’s color which is attracting all the eyes of its lovers.  http://ho.lazada.co.id/SHa8Pq


The ancestral heritage of ancient era in Tenganan village, Karangasem, Bali also provides high artistic value in the manufacture of traditional weaving cloth – double tie woven cloth “Traditional Gringsing woven cloth”. Kapuk – nature cotton seeds are the main material for yarn making. Natural colors are also used in the manufacture of Gringsing woven cloths and use only 3 natural colors that Balinese named by ‘ Tridatu ‘.

Tenganan village woven cloth experts take on natural colors from:
1. “Babakan” (petal tree) white “ Kepundung “  mixed with “ Sunti tree “  roots for making red color.
2. Old candle-nut oil, about 1 year mixed period with water of powder / Candle nuts wooden ash for making yellow color.
3.” Taum tree “ for making black color.

All the process of making double tie woven cloth ” Traditional Gringsing ” by hand without machine and wear traditional equipment.


“ Kelinciku kelinciku ………….
Kau manis sekali…
Melompat kian kemari ……….
Sepanjang hari…
Aku ingin menemani ………….
Sepulang sekolah…
Bersamamu lagi …………………

The sadness, sorrow and disappointed never stops……..
I sin on my beloved parents, I will definitely receive ‘Phala’ from my own ‘ Karma ‘ …..
It’s gone …., and disappeared from my side, crushed and cried become one ….
Ohhh …. the sweet lyrics, dousing the feelings of pain, tears of my sorrow, disappointed and all of it……
Approached me, the deepest life spirit was tethered back …..!!!


The Unique of Gringsing cloth from Tenganan village …..

The charming of Gringsing – traditional woven cloth art is  radiated from the original motifs of the traditional Tenganan village. This high value of artistic is embodied in 14 cloth motifs that are still preserved. Introduce the motive: Geringsing Lubeng, Geringsing Sanan Empeg, Geringsing Cecempakan, Geringsing Cemplong, Geringsing Isi, Geringsing Wayang, Geringsing Batun Tuung , etc.

The unique of this cloth, the older of cloth, the colors are getting out and nice. Unlike the cotton in general the more fading colors. To produce better color, the washing is unique, just given the rain water, the longer the better. The content in rainwater can give color to Gringsing cloth compared to ordinary fresh water

Do you like it ….??? Let’s go to Tenganan  village, Karangasem regency, Eastern of Bali island.




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