The WHEEL is round …


A strand of hair, leaving an holy fragrance spread in the island of the gods ‘ Thousand temples island – Bali island ‘. Is it Woody perfume … ??? Did you send from sanctuary and beautiful hand of the princess in Riyadh castle – Arab Saudi ? I can not forget how sweet and gentle of lavender perfume from this Sahara desert. The holy words delivery to that “Islam teaches to give live peaceful  and not make people live in the trouble!” – “Astungkara …The God Almighty !!” Princess Ameerah, conscience soothing words as beautiful as your face, peace forever …. !!!

Will keep all prettiest smiles from the most beautiful Princess Ameerah Al-Taweel from Arab Saudi!! May God Bless you…..

What’s wonderful perfume you made there, and in this minutes would like to introduce ‘ Songket Gelgel ‘ traditional woven cloth of Klungkung, Bali.

Gelgel village is Bali village in Klungkung regency, well known as the pottery, traditional clothing and Songket traditional  woven cloth.

In the 16th century until 1686, once Gelgel village as the center  of Balinese kingdom. Places of worship ‘ Pura Agung Jero ‘ –  the only one relic of  Balinese kingdom  that is still  remains.


The line eternal love conscience of Bali craftsmen, succeeded in creating high value works artistic. The traditional woven cloth typical of Klungkung, characterize and advantages that lure visitors.

Do you still remember the Songket Gelgel – traditional woven cloth from Klungkung, Bali? The original motifs and patterns of Gelgel village, Klungkung, Bali making ‘ Songket’  woven cloths have different artistic value. Gold and silver thread is braided adds the charm of  ‘Songket’ crafted by traditional way- with a loom ‘Cagcag’ and natural dyes.

Semarapura Fashion Day with Famous Indonesian Designer – Bp. Merdi Sihombing


Songket woven cloth is rich in beauty and aesthetic culture of Bali has its own uniqueness. Songket  Bali, in the recent is used in ceremonies of Bali Hinduism, such as wedding ceremonies and  ‘Metatah’ –  teeth filing ceremony.



Flying letter to the world …..!!!

When the king of Saudi Arabia ‘Salman bin Abdulaziz al-Saud’ and beloved family come to my island – Bali Island. Blessings and love of humanity in scatter Balinese who are in generally Hindu Dharma INDONESIA.  Sons and daughters of the King of Saudi Arabia are very pretty and handsome.

How wonderful this world, if  we keep mutual relationship in religions differences. By love into this  life custom, the King of Arab Saudi come and stay in Bali Island. Arabians as always love our Bali  life and keep announced and share recommendations for Bali which is  very humane and always give 100% payment after the holiday without any doubt … !! May God Bless you …..





Thank you,

Luh wahyuni


Jualan Laris Tanpa Tatap Muka,Tanpa Stok Barang, Tanpa Sewa Toko, Tanpa Harus Punya Karyawan “Buku DROPSHIP MASTERY “ punya jawabnya….!!!





Bali Coffee, ‘ Civet – Luwak- Coffee’ , Ubud, Bali Island














Bali Coffee’ Civet-Luwak-Coffee ‘, Ubud, Bali Island