Welcome to Asian Games JAKARTA – PALEMBANG 2018 INDONESIA

Hello the world …!! This is an extreme presentation accomplish with the most up to date nation taste of INDONESIA. From our Nation Business Center – of course our beloved JAKARTA City. http://www.banco.ch

And the nation lovers will through the perfect experiences into the GAYO  Coffee land, the richest seafood palace, Mentawai island on the side, Garden natures Oil “ Palm oil “ innovation palace and many more. Here we are fabulous city in Southern of Sumatra island “ PALEMBANG City “.  Welcome to INDONESIA and please ensure you never passing the days without the rhyme of INDONESIA.

“ Welcome to Asian Games JAKARTA – PALEMBANG 2018 INDONESIA”.

Be smile and proud that you will spend the days and take the Golden day as yours …..!!! Cheers……


Bonjour du monde, Kuta, Bali Island on upgrade the most fantastic on the world fashions with its New Mayadenawa Stadium. Floating up the desire ON 1.2 TRILLIONS ….Here it is KUTA, BALI ISLAND – Badung regency as the point ….!!! No Doubt…and surely to be part of this terrific fashions from BALI Island ….!!! Cheers …..

Welcome to Mentawai Island Paradise

Bravo Mon INDONESIE …..!!! Bonjour du monde ….!!! Ohayo-gozaimasu ….!!! Guten morgen Herr ….!!! http://www.banco.ch/

C’est le plus de bonheurs essayer des meilleurs du cafe noir dans cette paye. Du cafe Gayo avec plein des gouttes du sucres naturellement dans cette noire.

L’espirer bien sur la plage de l’ile du Mentawai au nord de Sumatra et plein de temps en tranquillement de la culture de l’etnic a l’ile de Mentawai. Comment rever cette yeux quand il me attrape par ses jolie …

Bienvenue aux Asian Games JAKARTA – PALEMBANG 2018 INDONESIE

Welcome and Enjoy The Most Exotic Gayo Coffee, Aceh – North Sumatra Island


Little ” Baleganjur ” as accomplishment and Bali innovation on traditional music with native Balinese dances.


Welcome to Asian Games JAKARTA – PALEMBANG 2018 INDONESIA


Preserve traditional Balinese dance and keep maintain new art creation on ” Rejangan Dance ”

Native tradition in Nusa Ceningan Island ” Mebat ” – Klungkung regency, Bali Island




Thank you,

Luh wahyuni


New Blue Paradise in Nusa Penida Island, Indonesia

The Richest Joyous of The Land in Nusa Lembongan + Nusa Ceningan Island, Indonesia



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